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A good logo will give you a presence beyond your product or services. It is the starting point for any brand.


Graphic design, and especially your business card is the first point of contact for most small business owners.


A website is the basic requirement for any business in today’s marketing environment.

  • Lines here, lines there, lines everywhere.

    When developing a layout using lines of varying width can do wonders for your design.[...]
  • Pick your colour.

    Colour is very subjective and when designing creative, it becomes one of the anchor points[...]
  • Emotional Attachments.

    As a designer, we get emotionally attached to our designs. It is like dating, and[...]
  • Focus. Focus. Focus.

    Designing a page layout is like building a house. First, you make sure the mandatory[...]
  • Be a stand-out.

    When laying out your design and you have a background in mind for your concept,[...]
  • Express yourself.

    When trying to figure out the perfect combination of fonts to use for your business,[...]
  • It’s all in the Balance.

    When designing a page layout, balance is extremely important in making the viewer comfortable with your[...]
  • Squinting brings focus.

    One of the keys to developing a great logo for your business is simplicity. Here[...]
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